Music Is My Boyfriend & I’m Not Lonely I Swear

I dare you to listen to this song and not see an iPod or Tablet commercial in your head.  It’s basically begging to be in a commercial and over-played to the point of execution.  But that’s fine by me because I love this song.

Headphones is the first single from Canadian hipster supergroup The Mounties and consists of Steve Bays from Hot Hot Heat who went to my high school and all I can remember about him is that he and his friends were super into bowling (or maybe just bowling shoes – I can’t really remember); Hawksley Workman from all my beatnik boyfriend fantasies and Ryan Dahle from Limblifter (a band I have nothing to say about except I’m pretty sure I saw them at a bunch of outdoor festivals while I was in college).

The chorus is unforgivingly catchy and you can’t help but bust a move to Bays’ keyboard chords. But there’s a lot more to love about this song than the sweet, sweet melody:  like the hilarious lyrics!

I got my headphones on like a seventies hifi
Feelin more connected than unlimited wifi

These lyrics are my life right now.  I work from home and seriously there are some days where I won’t speak to anyone for like 12 hours.  I mean, sure I will say Hi to the barrista at my coffee shop or chat about how cute our dogs are playing together when I’m out walking the pup but nothing real.  Nothing of substance for sure and nothing I would even classify as small talk.  But for some reason, I don’t feel isolated or alone.  I have my email, I have my work, I have social media, I have drowning myself in Google holes or Wikipedia voids and I have my music.  

Often I will feel more connected to the music I’m listening to and the words I’m reading on screen than I was to like 30 people I worked with when I was a secretary at the University.  My job at the the University was the only office job I had where I was not allowed to listen to music at work.  My boss was a nightmarish dictator and she would only work in silence.  She’s even reprimand students waiting to see their professors whose music, in their headphones mind you, was distracting to her. But I did outsmart her about four months before I quit.  We got a new wall clock for the Department and I hung it up between our two desks as I realized that it ticked loudly.  The ticking of the clock miraculously muffled the sound of my very very quiet music which could basically only be heard when I scrunched up about two inches away from my computer  which kind of ruined my eyesight and my posture a bit but at least I was able to hear my music and get through the days a smudge easier.  

I hate silence.  I always have.  Music, podcasts or television needs to be on at all times.  I don’t even like to have conversations without some sort of background music.

I got my headphones on from the minute I’m up til the minute I go to bed
I got my headphones on every day of my life, I’m gonna wear em until I’m dead

No matter what I’m doing, when I hear this song some random lyric from this song will jump out at me and make me giggle.

I like a drum fill proppin up my attitude
I like a pop song sober in the afternoon
I like a chord hanging down when I’m in the nude
Left to the right, left to the right.
I like a rock song drunk when I think of you, when I think of you

Sometimes that’s all you need when you are trying to work.  I find especially when I’m trying to be creative I need a break to laugh or shoot the shit for two minutes before I can focus.  Obviously, the Internet is full of distractions but sometimes all you need to break out of your downward spiral of procrastination or unproductivity is for a funny lyric or a catchy beat to register in your brain.

If you have the chance to see the Mounties live, DO IT.  I’ve seen them twice and they are fun & frenetic!  Also if you have not see the video for Headphones – DO IT.  It will strike a special place in your heart especially if you took French classes in Junior High in the late ’90s.  Je suis un anana.


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