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Liebster and Me:)

Hey it looks like I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award! Thanks Avantika! I’m not sure I really get it 100 % but it’s nice to be noticed in the virtual WordPress world so I’ll play along.  Thanks again for thinking … Continue reading

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The Make Out Master Mix – Playlist Friday

I’m not good at many things.  But I can make a mean mixtape.  I make at least one a week for my dance class and am the designated iTunes DJ at parties and mix CD creator for road trips. Most people … Continue reading

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Sorry I Can’t Write Today I’m Busy Dreaming….


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Pearl Jam and the Indian Rain Man of the Vancouver Canucks

If you don’t know Tim Thompson, you should.  He is the genius behind all the Hockey Night in Canada opening montages, which are often a bit too Toronto-centric for my taste, but still manage to take my breathe away almost every … Continue reading

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Overcoming Shyness with Violent Rap Bravado

There’s no one that can deliver a deadpan, cadence-free violent fantasy rhyme better than the Notorious B.I.G.  His rhymes are vicious, clever, vulgar, unapologetic and prophetic.  He rapped about his own pre-mature death on “Suicidal Thoughts”, the 9/11 bombings on “Juicy” and his posthumous … Continue reading

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Hey, I Just Heard You and This is Crazy….

Have you ever heard a song and thought it had been playing in your head for the last two months without even registering as anything more than the melodic jumbles of your scattered mind?  That’s how I felt when I … Continue reading

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Cover my Heart-Shaped Box

Sometimes you find yourself in a hole, a Google hole – searching for one thing, leads to clicking on another, then another then a sister and a brother and all of a sudden it’s three hours later and all you … Continue reading

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