I Feel Like You; You Feel Like Me – We Couldn’t be More Different

The new City and Colour album The Hurry and the Harm is beautiful, heartbreaking and melodic like all of his stuff.  If you have the chance to see him live, do yourself a favour and do it.  I’ve seen him twice and cried both times!

My favourite song of the album is Harder Than Stone which I heard in some interview is about how he’s worried about becoming a dad given his hectic touring life.  On the surface, there’s not much in common between Dallas Green and I.


He’s an uber-hipster, tattooed Toronto-based musician with a TV-star wife and a devoted following who’s travelled the world many times over.  Me? I’m a moody West-Coast hippie who spends my days daydreaming with my cat, writing and dancing.

But the thing about music is that it cuts.  Sometimes you identify so strongly with the words of someone you will never meet; probably have nothing in common with; someone who doesn’t know anything about your life but seems to have created lyrics straight from your deepest, darkest memories and thoughts.

‘Cause I was born and raised
To live beyond
The heft and weight
Of a world undone. 

There’s not many people who grow up to live the life they dreamed of.  Even when you achieve your dreams, it’s never how you imagined it to be ( so I hear).  But even the common things I used to think it would be so cool to go to the grocery store and drive a car.  But really it’s all kind of a pain.  Everything is a different price at every grocery store every day and every time I drive my car I have this distinct fear that the bottom will fall out and I will be Fred Flintstoning it to the Pharmacy or something.

But I don’t mean to be a bother
I don’t need you to take my burden away
And I ain’t afraid of dying
Cold and alone

To me the song is about how maybe you won’t achieve your dreams and that’s okay.  Life ends; it’s not tragic or dramatic, it just is.  There’s a nostalgic sentiment in the song that makes me think about how believing in your dreams can sometimes be enough.  Whether they come to fruition is irrelevant.

When my time comes
When I was young
I didn’t know too much
I thought that I could rule the world
Then I grew up 
And found out life was hard
Harder than stone.  

Being young is so fun.  You have all these ideas and enthusiasm and energy but then it slowly dissipates like a deflating balloon whizzing around frenetically at first but then sputtering out slowing before it falls to the ground.  It’s not necessarily sad. It’s physics and it’s just the way it goes.



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