You Can’t Hide From Us

I’m not sure if it’s cool to like Bryan Greenberg, but I do.  I’m pretty sure that’s it’s not cool that I learned about him from One Tree Hill but I did.  I know it’s not cool that I always imagine myself as the successful singer on the radio in the song, You Can Run, but sadly, it’s true.

You Can Run features the genius Kid Cudi and is from the 2011 CD, We Don’t Have Forever.  I really like Greenberg’s lyrics because they are very straightforward and rhythmic, kind of like hip hop lyrics.  His music is simple and beautiful – not crowded with extra cadences, overwrought metaphors or theatrics.  It’s bold and bare.

I’m not what anyone would call a direct person. I connect with music so strongly because it often helps me figure out my feelings.  And I love to sing.  About 90 per cent of the time, if someone is not talking to me or I’m not eating, I am singing  – either out loud or just in my head.  It’s either annoying or amusing.  If it’s the latter, we’re probably friends. If it’s the former we’re probably not friends, or you have a high threshold for annoyance or I’m scared of you.

It’s gotten to the point where my BF doesn’t listen to the radio anymore without me because so many songs remind him of my overly enthusiastic melodizing.  I love that.

You can run, you can run
But you can’t hide
From my love, you can run
You can run but you can’t hide

 He’s away from home a lot for work and that’s hard for the both of us.  But I take a tiny bit of sadistic comfort in knowing that even 1,500 km apart and in a different time zone, I’m around him.  If I think about it too much, I feel like that obsessed stalker from that old Police song, but it’s all really just a happy coincidence.  We happen to spend a lot of time listening to music and I happen to make him mix CDs with some of our favourite songs whenever he goes away on trips and I happen to sing along to almost every song ever written.

From my love, you hear me on the radio
Comin’ through so clear on the stereo
And you know there is nowhere to go
From my love, you try to forget about me
But I told you to never doubt me
How’s your life right now without me?

Obviously, I’m not some famous actor/singer who finally made it big.  I mean I don’t even have a job! And my BF is very supportive of my creative work and my volunteering and not settling for something just because I need a job; not some former flame who thought I would never make it and always be a waiter.  But of course, I love to dream.  I imagine what it would be like if he was away and he heard on the radio or the news that my book was published or on the NYT Best Sellers List or something. I imagine flying out to visit him and bringing a full entourage and an agenda full of red carpet appearances for us.

You see us on the TV screen
You scream, “Is this really happening?”
This is as real as all our dreams

So many people have that fantasy about making it big and proving former flames wrong. Not me.  Once you’re out of my life, no offence, but I think you should drop off the face of the Earth.  Out of sight, out of mind.   My mind is already so overly consumed with thoughts, questions, dreams and hopes for the people I see regularly that I don’t have the brain space to think about those that are no longer in my peripherary. Sometimes, something out of nowhere will strike me and remind me of XY or Z but for the most part, I try my best to give all my attention and care to relationships in the present tense.

Another reason why I really love “You Can Run;” is that relationship isn’t over although it seems like the couple broke up.  Although it was probably over for the girl a while ago, it wasn’t for the singer. Now he’s getting some success and the girl is taking notice again, but he’s not bitter. That relationship helped him achieve his goals.  You often get curious about what happened to XY or Z and it is so tempting to online stalk them and find out how fat, bald or successful he/she has gotten.  But I try my best not to succumb because the flip side is a vicious downward spiral. XY or Z looks better than you.  XY or Z is more successful than you.  Then comes the questioning.  Did XY or Z try to find you online?  What did XY or Z find?  What did XY or Z think?  I can’t even go there but I can’t hide either.

You see me in the paper
Thought I’d always be a waiter
Got heart for all the haters
Cause that’s my love, you can run
You can run but you can’t hide


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Just another run-of-the-mill mysterious microcosm of magic, music, merriment and malevolence.
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