Dream Job Alert: Sexy Socialite -Chromeo Style

There is nothing better than this song right now.  It’s spending four hours getting ready; planning your upcoming weekend from your first coffee break on Monday morning; talking in a baby voice when you’re drunk; 80s aerobics classes; jazz hands; short skirts/leather jacket combos; wearing cute shoes that hurt your feet and false bravado all rolled up into a perfect 5 minute 33 second ball of fun.

Funny songs are so underrated.  I’m not talking about Weird Al. He is basically his own genre of which he is the King (If you haven’t seen his parody of Blurred Lines, Word Crimes, do yourself a favour and watch it now and pay attention). I’m talking about being funny without making fun of someone else (Sorry Eminem), without being gross (I still love you Too Short)  and without being too cutesy (That means you Carly Rae and Taylor Swift).  Chromeo are so funny but still manage to convey some real feelings and some killer beats at the same time.

 I could be your boyfriend and your counsellor
Cause the night might damage ya

I think this lyric is so hilarious because I don’t think I’ve ever had a really drunk night where I didn’t someone to sub in as my counsellor for a bit.  Honestly, I don’t think I know a girl who doesn’t spend at least 15 minutes of every drunken night holed up in the corner sighing repeatedly and over-explaining things to some asshole.

You’re a sexy socialite
All you do is socialize
And you’re always so polite
And your outfits tantalize

My parents and my BF like to tease that I am a wannabe socialite.  I can see what they mean.  I mean I didn’t have a full-time job for almost a year.  I spend a lot of time volunteering, writing, reading, spending time with my favourite people; doing my favourite things.  One of my favourite indulgences is spending a few hours listening to music, maybe having a few cocktails, cuddling my cat and getting ready for a night now.  I mean isn’t that what everyone would do if they could?  I  don’t mind the term socialite, really.  I mean obviously I’m not interested in following that early 2000s socialite stereotype of DUIs, Juicy Couture Track Suits; oversized shades; bad dye jobs and sex tapes. I mean more like Suzanne Rogers.  In fact, I think the term socialite has kind of lost its meaning these days. I mean, Suzanne Rogers is a Philantrophist, but I guess sexy philanthropist is a bit of a mouthful.  I think it would be great to be like Suzanne Rogers.  Do a lot of charity work; have a world renowned wardrobe; make plans with lots of creative, artistic people and be valued for your opinions, taste and work as well as your looks.   Spend your time on yourself and with the people you love.  That sounds amazing!

 It’s hard to pick my favourite part of this song. But I think it would have to be when a girl, who I guess is named Ozzie, starts singing as the socialite:

So why you coming at me, homie
With so much acrimony?
Your testimony’s phony
And the truth is you don’t know me

Truth is I always love it when a girl and a guy sing back and forth.  Maybe it goes back to my love of musicals or my secret early 2000s obsession with SClub7 (Ain’t No Party Like an SClub Party!) But I love it.

My other favourite part of Sexy Socialite is the lyric:

Watch out for girls that push
Guys that grab your tush
At any moment they’ll make you flip

I just can’t with this song.  It’s so earnest and funny and cute  that it actually is pretty sauve and sexy.  There’s nothing sexier than honest, funny guys unless it’s honest, funny guys that make you shake your ass.

The whole CD, White Women is very groovy, tongue in cheek and sexy.  Dave1 and P-Thugg have been best friends for like 20 years or something and you can tell that they want to have fun and want everyone around them to have fun too.  I can’t wait to see this Montreal-based duo when they come out West this Fall.  Do yourself a favour, become a Sexy Socialite and get into Chromeo if you haven’t already.  You’ll thank me later!



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