The Precarious Dance of A Sister Sister Roadtrip

“Older sisters never quite get past the slight they felt on the day you were born.” 


There’s no relationship as riddled with hidden grudges; passive aggressive tendencies; arguments; tears; slaps and out right animosity as that of sisters.  But there’s also no relationship as full of stupid jokes; giggle fits; fierce loyalty and utter devotion as sisters.

My sister and I have fallen into a pretty good routine together these days.  There are topics we can discuss: clothes, hockey, our pets, musicals, murder shows.  There are topics we can’t discuss without inevitably getting irritated or into fights: our parents, the future, what we think each other should do with her life.  However these safe and unsafe topics get thrown out the window this weekend as emotions will be all over the place as we celebrate my sister’s Birthday.

Many people have contentious relationships with their birthdays and my sister is no different.  It’s a weird time.  You are forced to reflect whether you want to or not.  You’re often forced to make idle chit chat with people who only come out of the woodwork once a year to wish you a happy birthday.  So we’re getting away.  We’re off to buy clothes and eat good food and see the Book of Mormon in Seattle.

But I need to take some precautions.  Nobody likes being stuck in a car ride with a Grumpy Gus or even worse a Passive-Aggressive Passenger or worse still, a Sad Shopper.

So I’ve created a mix. A mix that will (hopefully) have my sister singing loudly (off-key);  learning some cool new music and remembering just how fun life can be when you leave your hang-ups back in Canada.

Fingers crossed!


About preetybird

Just another run-of-the-mill mysterious microcosm of magic, music, merriment and malevolence.
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