A Wicked Gale I Am, my Darling

There’s is nothing better to listen to right now, when you’re feeling a bit hungover, a little anti-social and even more than tired than the new You+Me CD “rose ave.”  You+Me is a folky side project from Dallas Green and Pink. It’s seems like a strange combination and an even weirder name that could be seen as either a slight or salute to the other high profile folksy duo du jour She & Him which consists of Zoey Deschanel and M. Ward.

Whatever their intentions, rose ave is beautiful and melancholic and reflective.  All things that are quite conducive to hiding in your bed in your pyjamas with the heat cranked for half the day trying to remember where your life went.

My favourite song on the CD is Capsized. Dallas Green and Pink’s voices blend together so beautifully. The melody is so pretty and the bass line is something that sticks with you long after the song finishes like a dull ache that you don’t realize you had until it’s gone.

We were two ships in the night
Hellbent on trying to survive and capsized

Not many people would accuse me of trying too hard.  It’s not that I don’t care.  I care a lot.   Too much probably; so much so that it is often paralyzing.  I get uncomfortable when strangers watch me unless I’m singing or dancing.  I can’t make big promises. I can’t stick to long term plans.  I often can’t say what I feel in the heat of the moment.  I would rather capsize than be haunted by my own perceived humiliation.  But I’ve learned trying hard doesn’t necessarily mean standing your ground and fighting for what you want.  Sometimes, it also means withstanding.  Staying when you feel like running; listening when you feel like talking or moving past it when you know deep down it will always make you sad.

Don’t fight the tides, they rise
Give in and float awhile, my darlin’

I can’t help but look back.  It’s my nature to second guess everything.  It can be debilitating or liberating depending on which side of the bed you wake up on that morning.  Your life will take you places and guide you to people. Sometimes it seems like to world is trying to guide you away from someone, like maybe that relationship has run it’s course.  But if it had run it’s course, it would be over.  The ebbs and flows of life are impossible to predict and even harder to combat.  All you can do is react as truthfully and honesty as you can in the moment.

I’ve known this all along
A wicked gale I am, my darlin’
And you can’t save me

 You may see your relationship as two ships trying to weather the sea of life while your partner may see you as a safe haven from a storm that will one day pass.  It’s this incongruity in perception that makes relationships so challenging and rewarding.  If everyone saw everything the same the world would be a bleak, boring place.  But when two people in love see things in each other and themselves so differently, that’s the beauty and sorrow of relationships.

Sometimes these differences make the world  magical and sometimes they make it capsize.



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Just another run-of-the-mill mysterious microcosm of magic, music, merriment and malevolence.
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