Are You Down With It?

I have no shame in admitting I still have a lot of love for Girlicious. Never heard of them?  Well, you’re not the only one.  They were a girl group created by Pussycat Dolls founder, Robyn Antin and stars of a reality competition show on the CW about the formation of the band called The Pussycats Dolls Presents: Girlicious. 

As cheesy as that all sounds and it was, so gloriously cheesy especially this Youtube clip which I still enjoy watching for the histrionics, the music was still surprisingly good.  In fact, their CD, Girlicious, is such a great part pop record that I bought it twice. Once on CD and then once on iTunes when I couldn’t find the CD for a few months.

Girlicious is one of the greatest pop CDs of the last 10 years.  For the record I also think, Britney Spears In the Zone, N.E.R.D. In Search of, Selena Gomez Stars Dance, and Robyn Body Talk are in the running for Top Five.

My favourite song on the CD is Stupid Shit.  I always love songs that say inane or crude things in a sweet voice (That explains my addiction to R. Kelly and basically all 90s R&B).  Their songs are confident and upbeat and unapologetic yet sweet.

I have so many favourite lyrics from this song.  But more than the lewd lyrics and sing along chorus, I love the overall vibe of this song.  Do stupid shit.  Who cares.  Get what you want and don’t apologize.

Oh yeah I’m vicious so delicious all the boys wanna eat
Go head and hate me baby, sa sa salty but sweet.

I’d go so far as to say that Stupid Shit is a feminist anthem.  These girls are more than happy to use their bodies for what they want as much as their male counterparts.  They are taking control of their bodies and using them for wild fun and they are inviting their male suitors to join in but only on their terms.

You want tell everybody
baby girl she with me
But I aint even trippin pimpin
I’m just doing my thing.  

Whatever the feministic or sexually exploitive message, I love it.  Life is full of far too many  responsibilities and worries to not be able to wild out every once in while.

I’ve been having a recurring dream lately where I go away for a weekend without telling anyone.  Just show up at the airport and buy a ticket to anywhere but here.  When I get there, it’s late at night and I check into a fancy hotel filled with hoity toity business people there for some major conference.  I sneak out the back door of the hotel and under the cover of night just start tagging the beautiful city streets, knocking over trash cans, breaking windows, buying illicit drugs, just doing all this bad shit that I really know better than to do especially in a strange city.  But it’s exhilarating and inspiring and anonymous.  It’s stupid, dangerous shit but once in while you just need it.



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