I could freestyle to a dolphin and a tambourine – @Jodyhighroller world’s funnest & funniest MC


Riff Raff is your favourite funny rapper.  His 2014 CD, Neon Icon, is filled with weird and hilarious rhymes and infectious, pulsing beats.  It’s official, you can no longer sleep on Riff Raff, aka Jody Highroller, aka the Versace Python, aka the White BLANK, aka Peach Panther aka James Franco’s muse.  Riff Riff is pure excess and energy.  His life and music is an unapologetic caricature of 90s extravagance and the Dirty South subculture.  I don’t get it, but I love it.

Most funny rappers bore me.  Besides, The Real Slim Shady and My Name Is, most of Eminem’s supposedly funny raps just seemed lazy to me.  Tyler the Creator, Devin the Dude, and 2 Chainz are just not the MCs I keep on a tight rotation.  I have a pretty low tolerance for stereotypical humour (Black people be late; Indian moms be making curry; Japanese girls be giggling, etc.)

The difference with Riff Raff is that he’s happy to be that over-the-top lothario 24/7.  I don’t know where the persona ends and the man begins.  After an all-night Google deep-dive into his career, I wonder if even he knows the answer.

Aquaberry Dolphin is one of my favourite songs on Neon Icon. Riff Raff’s flow is comedically slow, like he recorded his rhymes at his regular cadence, typical of slow-drawling southern rappers, and then slowed down the track further. But the beats are still fast and fresh which makes it sound like he’s teaching, talking nice and slow so you don’t miss the grandeur of his claims between shots of jaeger.

I’m on a beach, David Hasselhoff (what?)
Hassle me I’m Tim McGraw, I don’t pass the ball (no)
Ball hard, fourth quarter, shoot the lights off. 

Riff isn’t preoccupied with dropping the hottest or most current references. He used to be in a rap group with Andy Milonakis and Simon Rex.  I don’t think he cares what mentioning Tim McGraw or David Hasselhoff will do for his street cred.

 The mansion, three-stories, living room with trampoline
Mi casa so big it took the maids the whole week to clean
I don’t like to drive Versace jeans in the limousine
 I could freestyle to a dolphin and a tambourine. 

He’s a self-professed alien. He’s working on breaking into the WWE.  He rocks neon braids, reportedly has had sex with thousands of females, including  a three-way that involved a dolphin and handful of magic mushrooms and has a deep connection to Bart Simpson.  He personifies everything I fear about  “Spring Braaak,” but I can’t help but be intrigued by his flagerance and authenticity.   I can’t wait to see what he does next.



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