I won’t forget the way you held me up when I was down

There are so many types of love.  All-encompassing, romantic, tragic, fated, passionate, comfortable, safe, benign, unhealthy, obsessive, fearful the list could go on for days.

Most loves float through these types predictably like the phases of the moon until they settle into some sort of balance that is a mix of history, companionship and admiration.  No matter how much you love your partner, there’s a kind of gradual inertia that envelopes you when you realize you will never again experience the full moon of emotions from a fated vacation tryst.

But the end of firsts doesn’t mean the end of love, just maybe the end of love that you hear about on Top 40 radio.

All this to say, my favourite love song is not about any of these overwrought phases or types of love.  It’s “This will be our year” by the Zombies and is a perfect, classic love song. It’s one of my favourite songs ever because it is simple, vague and most importantly, optimistic.

Don’t let go of my hand
now darkness has gone
and this will be our year
took a long time to come. 

The lack of details in this short sweet song are what make it so perfect.  I love references and details but there’s something so free about not getting bogged down with the history of the songwriter’s relationship.  Like most relationships it had it’s ups and downs but instead of revelling in the mistakes, he’s looking forward.  He’s saying thank you for staying with with me and it’s going to get better.

You don’t have to worry
all your worried days are gone
this will be our year
took a long time to come. 




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