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I Love You Like Crazy But Only for a Minute

Rainy nights and a full belly leaves little else to do but reminisce about long forgotten crushes.  I crush a lot.  I had some hard-core crushes that defined my life back in the day.  Ones that kept me awake at … Continue reading

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Say What You Want and Then You Get it Maybe

I think Fuck and Run was the first time I ever heard I girl swear in a song.  I heard it on the University Radio station late at night so the song felt very special, like a forbidden secret that none … Continue reading

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Cover my Heart-Shaped Box

Sometimes you find yourself in a hole, a Google hole – searching for one thing, leads to clicking on another, then another then a sister and a brother and all of a sudden it’s three hours later and all you … Continue reading

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I Miss the Comfort in Being Sad

The effect Nirvana had on me cannot be overstated.  It was as if all my  fears, anxieties and secret, unladylike thoughts were piped from my brain to Kurt’s where they poured from his heart through his rough, scraggly voice.  Their … Continue reading

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