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Life Gets Busy and Hard & Sometimes You Need to Just Get Stoopid

This is my gift to you, the #GetStoopid Playlist.  It’s meant for sweaty dance parties, calling in sick to work from the Airport and not being able to see straight. Hey, summer: I missed you! Now let’s lose our minds. … Continue reading

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It’s hot, this is boring & I miss you

I’ve always thought the term dog days of summer was so weird.  I always thought it meant when it was too hot to do anything but daydream and be lazy but it actually refers to the brightest star in the … Continue reading

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The Precarious Dance of A Sister Sister Roadtrip

“Older sisters never quite get past the slight they felt on the day you were born.”  -Anon There’s no relationship as riddled with hidden grudges; passive aggressive tendencies; arguments; tears; slaps and out right animosity as that of sisters.  But … Continue reading

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The Make Out Master Mix – Playlist Friday

I’m not good at many things.  But I can make a mean mixtape.  I make at least one a week for my dance class and am the designated iTunes DJ at parties and mix CD creator for road trips. Most people … Continue reading

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